Welcome to the great Republic of Darokin!

As you can see this is not a Dragon Age game set in Fereldan or even Thedas, but rather it is a game set in the classic setting of Mystara. I have plenty of material for new players, so don’t hesitate to ask for where you can look up information your characters should know.

This, is the wiki. All campaign background material, recent events etc., will go there.

The Known World is the region of the continent of Brun where the PCs are born, adventure, explore and will meet their destinies, whether that it is retirement, or death. Whether the heroes are passersby, or citizens of Darokin (either by birth, or immigration) they will adventure across the mercantile republic and make both a name for themselves and save their home from troubles both internal and foreign.

The World
Mystara, and consequently the Known World setting that populates one portion of one continent of the surface of this world, is a high fantasy game in the classic D&D format. There are numerous species that should not exist either because of magical mutation (natural, accidental or purposeful), because it was transplanted from another plane, or because of the influence of the Immortals. In general people are born, live and die within twenty five miles of the same place, because while many nations of the Known World are civilized, much of the frontier is within the borders of each country. Even Darokin, which has a relatively long history as a sovereign nation is often faced with conflicts with the native Elves, or raids by humanoids from both inside the borders and across them.

Not only is magic very real, but so are the forces of the immortals. Immortals are unlike gods in some senses and exactly like gods in other ways. The most important thing about the presence of immortals in the setting is that these beings have the means to guide characters, to stymie entire nations, or to eradicate them from the face of the world itself. Unlike gods, which are often direct personifications of the domains they represent, Immortals are patrons of things. The difference is both subtle and startling. An immortal which is patron of the Sun, a foe to the forces of entropy, and a force for justice does not personify the sun, or justice. The sun is more akin to that immortal’s symbol, and its thirst for justice is a deep seated personality trait, not an aspect of what causes them to exist. It is safe to say that Atheists and Agnostics rarely exist in Mystara because the evidence of clerical magic and widespread unexplained happenings that warp the world every few generations or so make that nearly impossible. However, those who don’t revere the immortals do exist, because immortals as a whole don’t regularly demand worship or tribute.

In Search of Adventure